Alumni Lens: Yong Cho, Data Science tecnistions at GrubHub

Alumni Lens: Yong Cho, Data Science tecnistions at GrubHub

Metis scholar Yong Cho currently works as a Data Researchers at GrubHub, the food sending company the boss of countless reddit meals transfered to my Brooklyn apartment. We caught up utilizing Yong asap to ask regarding his function at GrubHub, his effort at Metis, and his tips for latest and arriving students.

Metis: Tell me about your background. Ways did you feel interested in info science?

Yong: I’ve always been a amounts guy, on condition that I remember, but it surely was really while sports stats, and mainly NBA records, started becoming mainstream during the last couple many years that I certainly found ourselves delving to the data chief first at my free time and also enjoying that more than our day-time industry (bond trader). At some point, I actually realized I might love to receive money for the type of data function I enjoy engaging in. I wanted to produce an desired skill set with an exciting up-and-coming field. That will led people to data files science so to me posting my first line of program code, which developed last Next month.

Metis: Describe your overall role. Exactly what do you like over it? What are a few challenges?

Yong: As a Data Scientist regarding GrubHub’s Funding Team, I will be applying very own data creation and information science knowledge in a wide range for projects, however all things that affect driving online business decisions. I really like that Seems able to previously learn of mass of new technological skills within a13623 short a short time, and that my favorite supervisors usually are constantly making sure I’m taking care of things I’m just excited about, assisting me mature from a employment perspective. Continue reading “Alumni Lens: Yong Cho, Data Science tecnistions at GrubHub”